A New Universal Representative Universe: Pioneer Federal Credit Union Skyrockets Efficiency and Member Satisfaction with CFM and RTA.


The Challenges

End the Pass-Around Tango

Pioneer wanted to reduce member wait times, frustrations, and hand-offs by empowering staff to engage and handle a member’s needs from start to finish.

Kick the Teller Line to the Curb

Staff were chained behind a permanent teller line and needed a way to break free and securely process transactions from anywhere in the branch.

Put the Universal in Universal Associates

Pioneer’s new open-branch design was perfect, but the process of having to log in and out of workstations was cumbersome and associates still had to interrupt tellers to handle cash transactions.

RTA has been a huge time saver. Tellers don’t have to log in and out of multiple locations, and we no longer have to set up a workstation for every individual teller.”

Tracey Miller, VP of Operations | Pioneer Federal CU

The Story

As one of the fastest growing credit unions in Idaho, Pioneer Federal Credit Union has been servicing their 50,000+ members for over 60 years. With the upcoming build of their 14th branch, they wanted to create a truly unique experience that would deliver their core value of creating “WOW” through exceptional service.

With help from DBSI, our sister Design/Build firm, Pioneer FCU started their Universal Representative journey with the completion of a 5,600 square foot branch built with the latest in open-branch designs and traditional barriers removed.

The design and results were great, but they soon realized something was missing—their “Universal” experience was falling just short of their expectations. Staff was still required to log in and out of workstations and not every team member in the branch could complete a cash transaction.

Not wanting to settle for almost perfect, Pioneer FCU turned to CFM to find a solution that would help them achieve 100% of their vision. They were already happily taking advantage of CFM’s S4 core integration for their cash recyclers, so adding RTA was a no-brainer.

RTA (Remote Transaction Assist) was the missing piece of the puzzle that filled in the gaps and allowed all of Pioneer’s staff members to securely process transactions from anywhere in the branch—finally enabling their Universal Representative vision.

The Result

What started as a way to solve a problem for a single branch has become a critical piece of technology that’s guiding their entire branch network strategy. In fact, RTA has turned out to be such a huge success in creating an exceptional member experience that Pioneer FCU implemented RTA in every one of their new, open-design branches.

With RTA humming along behind the scenes in several branches at Pioneer FCU, they’re able to provide the truly “Universal” experience they set out to create. Members of their staff have been trained to handle any transaction and anyone in the branch can assist a member without having to hand them off to another employee or make them wait for assistance.

RTA has been a huge time saver,” exclaimed Tracey Miller, VP of Operations, “tellers don’t have to log in and out of multiple locations, and we no longer have to set up a workstation for every individual teller. With RTA, front line staff aren’t being pulled away and we can all concentrate on building relationships—not making the members wait.”

The success with RTA has been so impressive that Pioneer FCU now plans to install it in many of their traditional branches. RTA didn’t just enable true Universal Representatives, it provided them with a host of unexpected benefits that have significantly enhanced both member and staff experience:

  • Staff can now purchase funds for a drawer directly from the recycler without having to use two staff members to access the vault or to verify funds in a draw.
  • There are no longer worries about having cash in offices all day, which is great for loss prevention. Cash drawers in offices have been eliminated, which has increased security and decreased vulnerability.
  • When they’re short-staffed (like during lunch or busy times of the day), loan processors or managers can buy a drawer very quickly without having to do a vault buy.
  • Setting up RTA is incredibly straightforward. “It’s so easy to set up RTA, I can set it up practically by myself”, says Tracey Miller.

With RTA, Pioneer FCU has created a successful and repeatable road map for future branch success. And that equals big wins for both Pioneer FCU and its members!

CFM X-Factor

Repeatable Roadmap to Success
Remote Transaction Assist (RTA) from CFM allows any transaction to be initiated at any workstation, then completed at a recycler via a simple PIN. Exactly what Pioneer FCU needed to fulfill their vision of a universal model across their branches.

Strengthened Efficiency During Busy and Short-Staffed Times
When they’re short-staffed (during lunch or busy times of the day), loan processors or managers can buy a drawer very quickly without having to do a vault buy.

One Solution, Multiple Rewards
Pioneer FCU chose RTA to perform a single, specific function, but since then, they’ve experienced several, unexpected benefits from having RTA installed in their branches.