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Delivering clean integrations that work isn’t easy. We just make it look that way.

Complete Core Conversion with Integration

Even though a complete core overhaul is a massive undertaking, Desert Financial partnered with CFM to work alongside their new core provider, Corelation, to integrate over 70 machines without any interruption to their service or members.

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PIMA FCU Racks Up $160,000 in Savings with CFM

Pima FCU could have spent an unnecessary $160,000 on new cash dispensing and recycling machines this year but discovered through CFM iQ that only 2 new machines were needed—not the 6 originally planned.

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Custom APEX Integration Opens Doors to Open-Plan Branch

An exciting Branch Transformation was taking place at TruWest CU—with an open floorplan and dreams of better service for members. But legacy hardware and integration barred true evolution. That is, until CFM built a custom interface that integrated all technology, old and new.

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Wells Fargo’s Wish For Innovation, Granted

With a need for something more effective to record data, Wells Fargo searched the horizons of the financial tech industry. Wells Fargo came to CFM in search of a solution that would provide information on usability and device health for their fleet of machines. To no surprise, CFM granted their innovation wishes.


Pioneer On The Up and Up Thanks to RTA

Remote Transaction Assist (RTA) has given the Pioneer Federal Credit Union employees the ability to spend less time figuring out the problem and more time finding the correct solution. With expedited service, member satisfaction is not only on the up and up, but through the roof!


Any Transaction. Anywhere. How ORNL FCU is Going Outside the Lines to Change the Member Journey

What do the Price is Right and queue lines have to do with banking?
Everything if you’re looking for how NOT to serve members.

See how ORNL FCU changed their entire branch experience by thinking outside the lines when it comes to the member journey, engagement strategies, enabling technology, staff roles, and Universal Associates.