XP2 Client? This is The Integration You’ve Been Looking For!

XP2 Client? This is The Integration You’ve Been Looking For!

If your credit union is running Fiserv’s XP2 teller application, you need to know about S4—a zero-footprint, enterprise-based core integration that’s now available for XP2 clients!

S4 truly transforms the branch experience for both your members and staff by building a bridge between the core processor and your cash-handling hardware at the enterprise level. It gives XP2 users a complete choice in hardware, full functionality and real-time integration at the core level.

Instead of piling on more technology to old configurations like some other integrations do, isn’t it time you deployed a complete solution that truly transforms your branch?

Why is S4 a better choice for your branch network?

To get a better idea of how CFM integrates and streamlines the XP2 teller application, you’ll want to know that S4 replaces any legacy integration, screen scraping, soft-integration and hot key functions you may currently have installed. And that’s a good thing.

With all the process improvements that S4 brings, your tellers will love you and you’ll love them right back. You can say adios to double-keying and you can expect a significant reduction in out-of-balances.

S4 also eliminates all legacy and redundant slave PCs, and that equals extra dollars you can reallocate to other branch optimization projects.

What other improvements will you see with S4?

One of S4’s best features is a Universal Driver—you can use any make or model of cash recycler or dispenser, no matter when it was made (even if it hasn’t been made yet). It also brings you the opportunity to add robust integration analytics, where you’ll be able to manage your technology and get timely information on device health, inventory and cash needs.

And if you’re interested in building the branch of the future (and who isn’t these days?), S4 can help by creating a path to implementing true Universal Associates in your branch.

How’s S4 working out for other XP2 users?

There’s no need to be concerned that you’ll be the first on board, we’ve already partnered with several XP2 clients and helped them create a superior member experience.

For example, we recently helped Firefly Credit Union improve their processes and completely transform how they handle transactions in their branches:

“Credit Unions need technologies that enable a superior member experience, but these products also must provide real benefits through process improvement—not added workflow, complexity or limited flexibility and single vendor lock in. By integrating our recyclers and dispensers directly with our core, CFM changes how we handle transactions in the branch. This partnership with CFM will help Firefly create a flexible command and control platform fully integrated to our core, allowing us to adopt new technologies while better leveraging our investment in existing cash handling equipment.”
—Jon Hallberg, VP of Information Services at Firefly CU

TruWest is another happy CFM client—they purchased recyclers, then realized their legacy integration couldn’t support them. CFM was able to build an interface that gave them the integration they needed, with a bonus of a thinner footprint that eliminated workstation-based solutions. We also gave them the ability to centralize the use of their cash automation equipment and analytics to run the machines smarter!

“Thank you for helping make our new location a success! Making CFM, XP2 & the recyclers all work together was a monumental accomplishment. You guys are awesome!”
—Chris Kearney, Sr VP and CIO, TruWest

Want to chat about our XP2 integration?

Great news! CFM will be attending the XP2, Galaxy and CUnify conference in Las Vegas as an Alliance Partner. We’ll be there March 13-15th, so if you’re heading to the conference, please stop by our booth to learn more about S4 and our other innovations that can help you grow and improve your member experience.

If you won’t be able to make it to the show, you can still get in touch with us to find out how to achieve true integration between your core platform and cash automation hardware—just fill out the short form below and we’ll get in touch!