Bridging The Gap Between Branch Technology and Core Platforms.

The future of banking is technology-driven. If you agree, we might just be your new hero.

One Software Suite. Infinite Ways To Transform Your Branch

For over 30,000* light-years, CFM has saved gazillions* of financial institutions from standalone hardware, individual workstations, and inefficient processes that restrict better branch experiences.

How? By leading the way in enabling technology to drive open branch designs, Universal Associates, advisory interactions, tablet-based transactions, self/assisted service kiosks, the convergence of digital and branch channels, and the fountain of youth (ok maybe not that one, but you get the point).

*Numbers may be slightly inflated to make the story awesome. In reality, it’s still an impressive 13 years in business and more than 1000 financial institution clients.

So what exactly do we integrate?

Good question. CFM is not tied to any one company, hardware manufacturer, or agenda. We believe that all technology should work together through your core platform (all colors, shapes, sizes, makes, and models), to create efficient branch experiences.


The staple piece for cash automation, no matter the model these machines make transactions happen with ease.


Provide clients with the power to complete their own transactions, and save staff time to advise

tablet based
associate interfaces

Trending retail tech that allows platform staff to complete transactions from the palm of their hand.

Tons of Other Peripherals

From coin dispensers to check printers and beyond, we work to integrate with all technologies in your branch.

Our Power is Innovation

Our technologies are built to solve some of the biggest challenges in banking, from stale branch environments to archaic technologies and processes that weigh your staff down. Our award-winning, patented innovations deliver the freedom for banks and credit unions to operate a retail friendly branch, just like always wanted.

Our Team of Technology Jedis

Who is the team behind the magic? Other than a common thread of being tech geeks who have a passion for building products people love – our team is a diverse group of visionaries, programmers, engineers, UX designers, support experts, and many other Star Wars loving, well-trained jedis. (Star Trek is ok, too.)

More than our moms recognize
us for being awesome





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