what they say


Primarily through word-of-mouth and client referrals, CFM is gaining rapid user adoption among banks and credit unions of all sizes. Combine that with our exceptional customer service and forward-thinking team, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind cash automation partner.


Helpful and Receptive Team

“At Navy Federal, we are excited to work with you and your team to transform our branches into the future. Thank you for your superb efforts!”

– Steve Romano, EVP Branch Operations,
Navy Federal Credit Union

Great Product, Great Team

“CFM is super-easy to work with and my team never worries…[the] software just works.”

– Jeff Watkins, Director of Information Technology,
Orion Federal Credit Union, Tenn.

You Guys Rock!

We’ve been using CFM almost two years, and this is the first I’ve had to call Support. I think that says A LOT about your product. The Support call was phenomenal as well…Had our issue resolved in under 2 minutes! You guys rock!”

– Michael Douglas, Network Administrator,
University of Illinois Employees Credit Union


A Success Through Great Communication

“I wanted to take a second to thank you for your service and support in getting our TCR and TCD devices connected and licensing issues worked out. You were all extremely helpful and quick to all of our needs. My boss calls this project we are working on the largest and most important project in our history and I appreciate the quick turnaround, the patient support and the overall great communication. Thank you!”

– Marc Cohen, Systems Administrator,
Northwest FCU


A Monumental Success

“Thank you for helping make our new location a success! Making CFM, XP2 & the recyclers all work together was a monumental accomplishment. You guys are awesome!”

– Chris Kearney, Sr VP and CIO,
Truwest CU


One Centralized Solution for All Recyclers and Dispensers

“We are thrilled to finally have all our recyclers and dispensers, from different manufacturers, on one centralized core-integrated solution.”

– Lori Gallegos, COO,
First CU


Most Effective Product Launch in Our Company’s History

“Their software development skills and products enable us to have the most effective product launch in our company’s history.”

–  Product Development Director


Everyone Loves CFM

“So far we have CFM in 6 branches live, and more in the works…already,
everyone loves it!”

– Dee Dee Martinelli, Financial Systems Manager,
Truwest CU


CFM Understands Financial Institutions

“CFM truly understands how to help financial institutions bring effective
change to their branch network. We love CFM!”

– Theresa Benavidez, President,


Software that Saves Money

“Pima FCU could have spent an unnecessary $160,000 on new cash dispensing and recycling machines this year but discovered through Cash Flow Management software that only 2 machines were needed—not the 6 originally planned.”

– Gary Angeles, COO,
Pima FCU


Making the Impossible a Reality

“As one of the earliest adopters, it’s exciting to see CFM taking such a foothold within the Symitar community. For us, implementing CFM software here at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union made sense right from the start. We had a large base of TCRs that didn’t integrate with Cash Connect, so when CFM came along and got everything working soundly, we were thrilled.”

– Judy Lynch, Sr Systems Analyst,
Michigan State University FCU

CFM Support is Fantastic

“We just finished deploying CFM to our first branch, and everyone on the CFM support team has been FANTASTIC!”

– Theresa Hainsworth,
Arrowhead Credit Union