The Road to Universal Associates Just Got Smoother

The Road to Universal Associates Just Got Smoother

rta iconUniversal Associates. Open-branch designs.

Your branch has been buzzing about these buzzwords for the last few years and you’re genuinely interested in moving toward the future, but you have no idea where to begin.

With basic transactions and foot traffic decreasing every year, you know you need to innovate or get left behind, but what are your real-world options for implementing the branch of the future?

Where is Your Branch Now?

To build a proper road map for where you want to be, let’s start with where your branch is now. If you’re like the majority of Financial Institutions, you’ve either deployed cash dispensers or recyclers in your branch, or you have plans to add them in the very near future. Since you’ve added TCRs, wait times have been decreased dramatically and tellers have more time to focus on clients, but your branch is still struggling with:

• Cold Transitions
• Partial Service
• Problem Resolution
• Lack of Engagement
• Associate Confinement

The Traditional Branch


Making Universal Associates a Reality

With Universal Associates and open-branch designs, all of the barriers of the traditional branch have been removed, and the entire client journey can be handled from any point in the branch. Simple transactions can be completed by any associate in the branch, and onboarding and complex accounts issues can be handled by any trained member of your staff. No longer are your cash recyclers and dispensers limited to only 2 tellers at a time, which means a better experience for the client, a better experience for staff and a better flow within the branch.

THIS is where you want to be.

The Branch of the Future



How do I Get There?

Deploy CFM’s core integration with Remote Transaction Assist (RTA)it’s the complete solution for enabling Universal Associates and open-branch designs.

Were you expecting something more complicated?

CFM is the core integration expert that gives you everything you need to enable Universal Associates in your branch. with S4 and RTA, we give you the power to break through the barriers of your hardware so associates can focus on serving clients and fulfilling every transaction and service need from any device, anywhere in the branch.

We understand how to help financial institutions transform branch networks. Whether you’re a small branch looking to add your first cash dispenser or recycler, or you’re one of the largest Financial Institutions in the United States, CFM can help you deliver a superior client experience through true core integration and branch of the future technology. To get in touch with us now, fill out the form below to learn more about how we can help you make Universal Associates a reality.

CFM helps financial institutions transform the banking experience through core-integrated solutions. For more information, contact us here.