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The next step in branch channel evolution.

CFM now includes an integration to repurpose your existing cash recyclers and dispensers to a new assisted self-service model.

The Background

There is a large and growing buzz in the industry about self-service and assisted self-service. Financial institutions of all sizes and backgrounds are starting to pilot these concepts.

Right now, these solutions come in the form of an ATM-like device which resides in your branch and allows clients and members to perform basic transactions on their own. Should they run into an issue, a teller or associate can step in to assist them or take over the transaction entirely to ensure its successful completion.

The Problem

The current gap, “snag” in this technology is that it’s limited to the ATM model of communication and therefore, ATM transaction sets. This means a client is not able to cash a check to the penny, get the exact denominations they want, make payments, make transfers, print checks, etc.

The Answer

For self-service to truly become full-service, it must be integrated into the teller application so clients and members have access to the full transaction set they would expect from a teller. The tellers’ ability to perform ALL transaction types is why they came to the branch to begin with.

This requires a comprehensive middleware and fully functional integration into the teller application to provide the full transaction set and choice in the type of hardware you wish to deploy, now and in the future.

Part of this hardware choice includes repurposing cash dispensers and recyclers that you already own. These mechanisms are the heart of every self-service solution for cash processing, and you can repurpose them in the future to save significant dollars.

Through repurposing the cash automation you already have in place, you save cost, gain flexibility in design and can provide different levels of self-service based on the true needs of the specific branch or location. It also provides a smoother path to upgrade, add and delete as those needs change.

Will integrated Self-Service solutions benefit your organization?

  1. Do you currently have or have plans to add an in-branch a self-service channel?
  2. Does your vision of self-service go beyond the ATM channel and transaction set?
  3. Would you like to have full choice of the multiple hardware solutions in the market and those coming in the future?
  4. Do you currently have or have plans to add Cash Recyclers and/or Dispensers?
  5. Would you like the ability to repurpose this Cash Recycler and Dispenser hardware in the future to achieve this self-service model?

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