RTA is Officially Available to all Symitar Clients!

RTA is Officially Available to all Symitar Clients!



CFM has some great news—starting today, RTA is available to all Symitar clients! RTA is a revolutionary way to utilize cash handling technology and do more with less hardware—giving everyone in the branch access to TCRs and building the path to open branch designs and Universal Associates.

To solve the challenges of deploying and utilizing TCRs and controlling costs going forward, CFM created a queue for transactions that allows for any teller or associate in the branch to serve any client without the fear of, “what if they need cash?”. This allows the deployment of fewer TCRs to support the entire branch, enables an open floor plan aligned to the Universal Associate model, and ultimately creates a better client experience within the branch.

Before RTA, the associate onboards a client in an office or location away from the teller line. Once the new account is open and the client wishes to deposit cash into that account, the associate has a few options and all of them lead to a poor client experience:

1. Tell the new client to go get in line

2. Get in line for the client, leaving the client waiting alone

and the worst…

3. Cut in line to disrupt a teller and upset the client that was next in line

With RTA, the associate simply starts the deposit from their desk, walks over to a RTA enabled recycler, enters their individual code on a pin pad and deposits the cash. When they return to their desk, the deposit is ready to post. This vastly improves the experience for the client and the associate while also removing the cost of adding unnecessary machines to the branch.

What does RTA look like in the branch?


How will RTA benefit your branches?

Do you currently have, or are you considering adding, Cash Recyclers and/or Dispensers?
Does improving the client experience matter to you?
Do you currently have, or are you considering plans, for new, open branch designs?
Do you currently have, or are you considering, plans to create Universal Associates?

If improving the client experience and increasing staff efficiency matters to you, get in touch with CFM today to discuss how RTA can benefit your organization.

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