Relive 5 of the Best Moments from SEC 2018

Whether you made it to SEC 2018 or happened to miss out on all the action along the sunlit San Diego waterfront, here’s a rundown of some of the top moments from this year’s memorable event.

1. CFM’s Transformative Session (complete with BIG visitor)

Tuesday’s mid-morning conference line-up included one of the most talked-about sessions at SEC 2018: “Transformation Trends Every Financial Institution Needs to Stay Relevant.”

This packed-house session was led by CFM’s resident transformation expert (and SEC celebrity, by now) Cody Willis, accompanied by CFM’s CEO, John W. Smith. In it they engaged the audience with an interactive conversation about how to take the top trends in banking today and align those to the key problems credit unions are trying to solve right now. 

The nearly 200 people who attended walked away with notepads full of practical ideas to implement once they got home. (That, and a Bigfoot sighting to tell their friends about.)

2. The Annual Flying Monkey Show (and coronation ceremony)

Where’s the one place you can hang out with other CU leaders and tech experts, listen to some funky music, take a selfie with Cory Feldman, have a beer with Bigfoot, and experience the hair-raising thrills of sitting in an electric chair (minus the death sentence)?

Only at the SEC Flying Monkey Show, of course!

CFM helped sponsor the annual SEC after-party hosted by Stickley on Security and Cutek. As always, the event was off the hook, and everyone had an entertaining experience.

Oh, and in conjunction with the Flying Monkey Show, nearly 250 votes were cast via CFM’s interactive digital kiosk for the SEC 2018 King and Queen. Congratulations again to Brynn Ammon from Symitar and JC Covalesky from IDS, the newest SEC royalty!

3. Branch Transformation Panel Discussion

Transformation was one of the recurring themes at SEC this year, at least with some of the sessions. On Thursday afternoon, CFM’s Cody Willis facilitated a panel discussion, with the following industry experts Janita Clausell (CXO & SVP of Retail at ORNL FCU), Tracey Miller (VP of Operations at Pioneer FCU), and Janet Phillips (CRO & SVP or Retail at First Entertainment CU). The discussion centered on these credit union leaders’ experiences with branch transformation, and provided “been-there, done-that” answers to the following key questions:

  • – How do you differentiate in today’s competitive market?
  • – What are the biggest challenges to branch transformation and how did you overcome those?
  • – What are some smaller, easier, but still effective wins that you can perform across a branch network?
  • – What’s the best process for getting board and CEO approval for transformation projects?

4. Tech Innovations Product Demos

Besides delivering some amazing educational content during the day and crazy events at night, SEC 2018 also provided a platform for some of the latest and greatest innovations in the world of banking to be showcased. 

Per usual, CFM’s booth never suffered from a lack of visitors interested in transformative banking technology.  

This year CFM booth visitors got a close-up view of the new iris scanner for our high tech, high touch NEXT machine—a core-integrated, self-service solution for financial institutions of any shape and size.

Voted 2017’s Best New FinTech Product of the year, Remote Transaction Assist (RTA) showed attendees how open branch designs and the Universal Associate model can be powered in their branches through this innovative tech product.

Financial HealthCheck—a web app designed by DBSI and CFM to bridge the divide between transactional and advisory banking—demonstrated the way a financial institution can simultaneously provide interactive client education and capture valuable information about their market. 

And Service Sidekick made a big impression, too, for its ability to provide real time alerts (via tablet or wearable smart watches) when clients view specific content or perform certain actions via in-branch interactive digital displays.

5. Transformation as Elusive as Bigfoot (or not)

In the world of banking, transformation is a lot like Bigfoot—it’s often talked about, but rarely (if ever) seen out in the wild.

This is why CFM brought Bigfoot with them to SEC this year (literally and figuratively!). Not only can we prove that the technology to enable branch transformation exists, but we can show it to you in our Transformation Fusion product suite.

Transformation Fusion makes the myth a reality by unifying the services, products, and technologies to help banks and credit unions overcome the biggest barriers to attraction, retention, growth and expansion. Unlike most banking solution providers who solely focus on individual components of transformation, only Transformation Fusion delivers the attraction and retention results by consolidating the individual components.

If you visited our booth (#620) at SEC, you would have seen Transformation Fusion in action. (And you probably would have met Bigfoot, too!)  #GoBigfootOrGoHome


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