When you do business with CFM, you have an entire army of friendly team members on your side.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the CFM support team. They are very patient & clear with instructions. I love having them on my team!”
Beverly Schuffert, AVP Project Management, Max CU

An Army Behind You. An Army Beside You.

We deliver delight in every step of support.

Knowledgable Phone Support

No one should have to be escalated 3 times before their questions are answered. We make sure our support specialists are deeply knowledgeable on our products to offer immediate phone support.

Fast Email Support Requests

Clients care that the resolution of their issue is underway.  We get that and that’s why we respond to email support tickets in less than 30 minutes, with automatic case creation and notification to let clients know service is underway.

A 99.8% Uptime Rate

For technology to be a true tool, it needs to be working. We deliver peace of mind and promise to resolve any issue quickly.

How do you submit a ticket?

The quickest and easiest way to submit a ticket is to send an email to or call us at
(844) 777.5457. This email will automatically open a ticket and our crew can get to work on it ASAP. Just be sure to include:

  • A description of what you need support with
  • Your financial institution
  • Your contact information
“CFM has some of the best software support I have encountered and I have been doing this for 25 years”
Thad Schriever, Senior Systems Administrator, CORE Bank