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RTA is a patent-pending, game-changing tool that gives ALL staff members the ability to securely process transactions through a recycler or dispenser—from anywhere in the branch.

Universal Associates? Open Branch Design? No Problem.

Today’s branches are all about engaging with clients and creating a better experience. RTA lets you break the chains of your hardware so associates can focus on serving clients and fulfilling every transaction and service need from any device, anywhere in the branch.

No longer are your cash recyclers and dispensers limited to only 2 tellers at a time. That means a better experience for the client, a better experience for staff and a better flow within the branch. All with less hardware and capital expense!

How Does Remote Transaction Assist Work?

Any withdrawal or deposit request is initiated at a staff member’s workstation on any device  (i.e. a tablet, PC, iPad, etc.). The transaction is then processed at the CDR once a simple and unique code is entered by the staff member at the CDR (with eyes on cash).

Will RTA Benefit Your Organization?

  • Do you currently have, or are you considering adding, Cash Recyclers and/or Dispensers?
  • Does improving the client experience matter to you?
  • Do you currently have, or are you considering plans, for new, open branch designs?
  • Do you currently have, or are you considering, plans to create universal associates?

Create a “wow” client experience and maximize the efficiency of your staff and cash automation technology with RTA.

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“CFM truly understands how to help financial institutions bring effective
change to their branch network. We love CFM!”

Theresa Benavidez
President, Corelation