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Only CFM iQ gives you real-time analytics so you can make data-driven decisions on purchasing, deploying and servicing your cash dispensers and recyclers.

Open Your Eyes with CFM iQ

You’ve invested, and continue to invest, big dollars into cash recyclers and dispensers to improve the branch experience and increase efficiencies. But are you receiving the expected ROI from these assets? Do you know if your machines are in the right place and being used correctly? Are they healthy and operating? Is the machine even turned on? Are you paying too much for maintenance?

You are not alone if the answers to these questions are not readily available.

Make Smarter Decisions with Data

The iQ Reporting and Analytics Suite gives you everything you need to make data-driven decisions.

Gain Visibility of Hardware to Make Calculated Decisions

Optimizing your cash automation starts with getting a clear picture of what’s working, so you can fix what isn’t.

  • Available devices
  • Devices in use
  • Usage by day
  • Usage by side
  • Usage by denomination
  • Cash Volume Suggestions

Reduce Purchase and Maintenance Expenses

Track real usage, so you pay for service only when you need it.

  • Preventative maintenance scheduled based on use
  • Error tracking
  • Proactive service requests based on the following:
    • Reject Rate
    • Uptime
    • Number of errors
  • First time fix rate increased
  • All communications (low level) logged and delivered to the service provider to ensure that the right tech responds with the right part to repair the right machine.

Customizable to Fit the Needs of Your Staff

Let your staff build iQ around their needs so they can get to the information faster.

  • Robust user levels to keep staff focused on their locations
  • Personalized dashboard allowing the staff to set what data they need to see and how they need to see it
    • Newsfeed Widgets
    • Chart Widgets

Ensure the Right Technology is in Place

No more guessing what should go where. Get detailed cash flow analytics to clearly define where recyclers and dispensers will actually have an impact and deliver their intended value.

What we discovered from iQ was invaluable. We had planned to replace six devices, but had no real data behind it. After adding iQ, we saw that only two new machines were needed—saving us over $160,000.

Gary Angeles, COO,
Pima FCU