A universal
kiosk integration

Enable your kiosk of choice to handle self, assisted, and 
full-service transactions with one core-integrated platform.


As the costs of branch transactions soar, Genix helps you migrate to more efficient channels without sacrificing the personal touch needed to engage clients.

Offering self-service, assisted-service, and full-service capabilities, Genix connects self-service kiosks to your core system for full transaction sets and client convenience.

What Is genix Capable Of?

With Genix, clients can now self-serve and handle many of the same teller transactions at their own convenience:

  • Log-in using debit card, driver’s license, or biometrics
  • View account activity
  • Print account history and receipts
  • Deposit cash and checks
  • Withdraw cash in any denomination
  • Make change, to the penny
  • Print cashier’s checks
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Request associate assistance
  • And a lot more!

Why genix?

Forget limited transactions sets, running self-service through expensive ATM channels, and clients frustrated with branch self-service options. Genix is an effective integration solution.

Integrate your choice
of hardware

Migrate transactions to more efficient channels

Supports self, assisted, and full-service transactions

Pair with Nomadix for assisted and full-service

How can you make self-service even better? By adding flexibility for associates to monitor activity and drive transactions if needed from a savvy tablet interface.

Genix pairs with Nomadix so associates can assist and advise clients at any step:

• Receive real-time activity notifications
• Handle overrides and approvals
• Take over transactions to assist clients “hip to hip”’
• Manage kiosk maintenance and troubleshooting

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