NORM Is Now Patented

NORM Is Now Patented

We are so proud to announce that one of our leading and most critical products, NORM (Network Optimization and Redundancy Module), has been issued a patent. NORM is a one-of-a-kind product that connects any type of cash automation machine to a financial institutions’ network without the fear of system failure.

As the banking industry works to migrate from transactional to advisory, many banks and credit unions with heavy footprints and poor flexibility in relation to their peripherals, network connectivity and integration with their core systems, cannot transition to a thinner architecture which enables that transition. Traditional infrastructures are not resilient and not aligned to enabling today’s designs and retail environments to which the financial industry is transforming.

CFM created NORM to combat antiquated infrastructure and thick architecture. Now, the barriers that made it difficult to create a thinner, efficient workspace that delivers a better experience for consumer and staff are gone. With NORM, a UL Certified product, a thin workspace can thrive along with tablet banking, mobile staff or Universal Bankers (Universal Associates).

“We were using legacy hardware, but now have an even lighter footprint with CFM’s innovative product, NORM. After three years with the product, we have seen the redundancy and resiliency in action, allowing us to efficiently use our software licenses and have peace of mind knowing our transactions will be stored during outages,” said Kathy Cobb, Director, Technology at MAX Credit Union. “We now have the ability to be more creative and innovative with our cost-saving strategies.”

NORM was created based on a client’s need for resiliency and redundancy when creating and integrating to a thin infrastructure. They needed to have access to their branch and systems 24/7 to ensure their uptime and client experiences remained optimal, but a critical piece in their process would collapse the entire system if it went down. NORM not only enabled that connection but provided a critical level of business continuity.

“With over 10,000 units in the wild and thousands more slated for deployment this year, we are very excited to be awarded this patent,” said Nathan Moore, Chief Technology Officer for CFM. “Our NORM platform is a critical foundation to our current and future innovations—created to solve real problems and enable clients to achieve their strategic goals as it relates to transforming their branches—reducing costs and improving the experience for their clients and employees.”

Benefits of NORM:

  • – Creates a thin and resilient platform for integrating peripherals to the core system
  • – Enables a tablet-based service model to untether associates from workstations
  • – Minimizes the reliance and cost of workstations and peripherals
  • – Allows associates to share resources (licenses, automation and peripherals)

Redundancy and resiliency are critical to a thin and optimized architecture. Having this type of system built in an all-in-one platform instead of the unnecessary layered approach is a game changer. Architecture with NORM means less IT investment in workstations and peripherals.

To see a complete press release on the patent click here.