Nomadix: The Universal Associate Tablet Interface (Part 2)

Nomadix: The Universal Associate Tablet Interface (Part 2)

How does Nomadix work and why do you need it?

With a decline in foot traffic, higher transaction costs, and rising salaries, financial institutions are starting to realize that the traditional branch model is rapidly becoming irrelevant (and expensive). That’s why FIs are now pivoting toward the Universal Associate Model to make the switch to advisory banking. This ensures a better experience for the client and a more profitable interaction by the associate.

Except there’s one problem: adopting this model is challenging even when you have all the right tools in place. And, without the right tools, it’s nearly impossible. 

And speaking of the right tool, NOMADIX is the only tablet interface built specifically for universal associates to easily move around the branch and seamlessly complete transactions or advise clients from anywhere. Watch the video below to learn more

Like what you saw and want to learn more? You have two options:

1. Download the NOMADIX product sheet to get a more technical understanding of what the tool is capable of.

2. Schedule a demo with one of our strategists to see how you can use these tablets inside your branches.