Innovation Never Sleeps for Inc. 5000 Winners

Innovation Never Sleeps for Inc. 5000 Winners

96% of companies fail. And for those that don’t, only 25% ever get past $1mm in revenue.  CFM has gone above and beyond, beat the odds time and time again, and made the Inc. 5000 list for the second time! This is no small feat. Only 2% of Arizona companies made the list. Thanks to hard work from our dedicated employees, the vision of our leadership, loyal customers that we continue to delight we have done it again. 

Working with over 600 financial institutions and the top ten banking cores has led them to this prestigious positionCFM solves some of the biggest problems financial institutions face including supplying Universal Associates with the tools to be successful, making tablet banking a reality, migrating transactions to self-service, streamlining cash handling and creating a cost-efficient branch of the future. CFM is the only company that provides the foundational technology needed for transformation. 

“If you understand it takes the FUSION of many pieces, and if you are lucky enough to have the people and talent to actually do it, then you get our very RARE results! In fact CFM’s attainment has been 100.26% growth in the past 3-years. Putting CFM in the top 10 software companies in the entire state of AZ,” said John W. Smith, CEO at CFM.  

So what are all these incredible innovations that got CFM to the top?


A complete enterprise-level ecosystem designed to deliver comprehensive core integration through teller cash recyclers or dispensers, self-service kiosks, interactive digital kiosks, and analytical tools that drive efficiency and reduce costs. All of which leads to a more productive branch.

RTA (pronounced ree-taa)

A game-changing, patented tool driving the future of retail banking by making every transaction a fluid experience. RTA integrates with all of your cash recyclers and dispensers, making them all available to all your tellers and associates…from anywhere in the branch. Named the Best Fintech Solution, RTA not only delivers environment flexibility but also boosts efficiency and a better overall client experience.


A core-integrated, tablet-based teller technology that allows associates to break free from their workstation and teller lines and become universal associates capable of providing clients with a retail-like, advisory experience from anywhere in the branch.


Offering self-service, assisted-service, and full-service capabilities in one kiosk, NEXT automates low-value transactions usually delivered by a teller to cut costs, increase client experience, and clear associates up for more advisory-style conversations. And to take it a step further, the assisted-service and full-service features put the power of conversation and engagement in your staff’s hands by integrating with Nomadix.


A reporting and analytics suite that gives financial institutions complete and total visibility into cash automation hardware and self-service kiosk usage and operation so that you know everything you need to make data-driven decisions on purchasing, deploying, and servicing hardware.

“It’s not the monetary transaction that provides value, it’s the communication between our member and our employee. CFM + DBSI’s NEXT is able to support our member’s transactions so that our employees can actually interact and have conversations far beyond that of a monetary transaction,” said Pierre Cardenas, CEO at Capitol Credit Union.