Customer Alert: Ready, Set, S4 Upgrade

Customer Alert: Ready, Set, S4 Upgrade

Good news, we’ve been busy making our products even better, and that includes making some awesome new updates to S4.  One thing we need from you: if you’re currently using S4, yours is now outdated, so in order to ensure that your financial institution is getting the most out of your CFM services, we are requesting that you contact the “Purple Army Support” Team to schedule an upgrade to our latest (and greatest) version of S4.

What you should know:

  • Security: We regularly review security concerns and penetration vulnerabilities and address them in each release, so not updating to the newest version of the software may make your financial institution vulnerable to attacks (and no one wants that!)
  • Stability: We squash bugs on a regular basis to ensure that your fleet is running at optimal levels. Trust us when we say you don’t want bugs in your systems.
  • Enhanced features: We are always working to improve and bring you the last updates you’ve been requesting, such as: new TCR integrations and better analytics through our IQ service. Upgrading gets you access to all these new features.

Action Required:

  1. Contact the “Purple Army Support” team to schedule your upgrade by email: or phone: 844.777.5457. (Note: We ask for 48-hour notice to schedule an upgrade)

P.S. If you’ve already contacted our support team and are currently running on version 18.08.02 then there is no action needed.