Core Integration Is Our Thing

You’re a core provider, not a hardware integrator. So, why try to be something you’re not?

Is your legacy core holding clients back or supporting innovation?

Financial technology is constantly changing and improving. And your customers are demanding more from their core to help differentiate themselves and provide better branch experiences.

CFM can help you offer your customers access to the latest innovations through our proven integrations – with little or no development needed from you.

A 2,395

We’ve done the math, and it’s not pretty. It takes around 3,000 hours for a core provider to build an integration for just one piece of hardware. Do you have that kind of time on your hands? CFM averages just 605 hours to build a universal integration – better than anyone else and way faster, too.

Any project. Big or Small. We do it all.

By leveraging our expertise in your areas of opportunity, we simply become an extension of your team to move the needle and get stuff done.


Cash automation, kiosks, & other peripherals. More than 50 devices and counting!


Support your clients’ requests. We have the bandwidth and technical skills to get it done.

Program & Project Management

From start to finish, CFM keeps everything on track to completion.

Beautiful Integrations,
Simple Code

Having successfully built, tested, and launched several award-winning solutions, we know how to scope and execute developments that drive the branch of the future. And it all starts with core integration.

CFM offers a proven integration model that has been adopted by many core providers and financial institutions with extremely positive results.

Our Core Partners

Our expertise makes good things happen for our partners. With a dedication to enhancing cores for the greater good, we are the integration provider of choice for custom-based core systems, standard core providers, and hardware manufacturers. Join us in our mission to innovate.

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