3 Reasons to Choose CFM as your Core Integration Solution

3 Reasons to Choose CFM as your Core Integration Solution

core iconCFM’s mission is to help Financial Institutions transform the banking experience through our core integrated solutions, and over the last several years, we’ve partnered with banks and credit unions of all sizes to connect their cash automation hardware directly into their core platform. We’re extremely proud to have a long list of happy clients, including Wells Fargo and Navy Federal Credit Union, and you can check out what other FIs have had to say about us right here.

We understand that there are some of you out there that haven’t had the pleasure of partnering with us and might want to get to know us a little better before choosing to work with CFM. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together just a few of the many reasons that our clients turn to CFM for their core integration needs:

Zero-Footprint Solution

True integration starts with CFMS4, our server-based, zero-footprint solution that builds a bridge between the core processor and TCRs at the enterprise level. CFMS4 universally drives and manages all major cash automation machines—giving you complete choice in hardware, full functionality and a real-time integration with your teller application.

A True Choice in Hardware

CFM solutions are truly hardware agnostic. Our clients can choose whatever piece of hardware makes the most sense for them without worrying about whether it will integrate into your system and architecture. CFM is not tied to any hardware manufacturer or agenda and all our development is driven and built for market needs.

We know the market. We ensure that your integration is built to support all makes and models and that it provides full functionality for all cash automation machines.

Flexible and Resilient

Since the CFM footprint is in the enterprise and at the hardware level, it’s great for enterprise level administration of the entire system and aligned to the thinner environments that drive the branch of the future.

Integration with the core and/or teller application can be connected at any level—workstation layer to machine, branch server layer to machine, or enterprise layer to machine, making CFM the most flexible and resilient solution on the market today.

Whether you’re a small branch looking to add your first cash dispenser or recycler, or you’re one of the largest Financial Institutions in the United States, CFM can help you deliver a superior client experience. To get in touch with us now, fill out the form below to learn more about how we can help you with your integration needs.

CFM helps financial institutions transform the banking experience through core-integrated solutions. For more information, contact us here.