CFM Expands Choices in Core-Integrated Cash Recyclers With the Certification of the CIMA 7016

CFM Expands Choices in Core-Integrated Cash Recyclers With the Certification of the CIMA 7016

cima7016-recycler-blogAs the core-integration experts known for our branch of the future enabling technology, CFM is always on the cutting-edge of new cash handling technology. Today, we’re announcing the certification of the CIMA 7016, the latest in cash recycling machines that’s designed to guarantee high performances in counters with large quantities of transactions.

With its compact footprint and high security level, the CIMA 7016 is a great choice for Financial Institutions moving toward open branch designs and Universal Associates and CIMA recyclers have proven to provide immediate results after installation.

CFM’s certification of the CIMA 7016 accelerates the time the recycler can be installed and achieve full functionality. It also opens the door for clients looking for a solution that will drive the cost of transactions down and directly integrate with their core out of the gate with no major changes or additional installations. The certification creates a plug-and-play solution for clients already benefiting from CFM’s core integration solutions—we’ve already built the driver and fully tested the CIMA 7016, so you’ll be up and running in no time with no installation hassles or headaches to deal with.

The CIMA 7016 cash recycler is available now through QDS and this certification adds to CFM’s ever-growing list of solutions for cash recyclers and dispensers, across all makes and models.

For more information on this certification, read the full press release here and fill out the form below to learn more about how CFM can help you deliver a superior client experience through core integration, regardless of your current core platform or cash machine technology.

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