Stay Ahead of the Game with a Core Integration Strategy Session

Stay Ahead of the Game with a Core Integration Strategy Session

Technology has changed the face of banking, and it’s time for your branch to catch up or be left behind. Integrating your core is no longer something that can stay on your wish list—it’s become a critical element of branch transformation that has to be in place before your branch can move into the future.

There’s no need to scramble to come up with a solution that fits your branch, CFM exists to help financial institutions like yours build enterprise-level core integrations that work with the technology you already have in place. Our integration advisors are experts at this stuff and they’ll help you understand the process and create a plan that will produce the ROI you need to stay healthy and efficient.

Our customized strategy sessions take less than an hour, and did we mention that there’s no cost involved?

What Do We Cover in the Strategy Session?

While your strategy session will be unique to your branch and vision, each discussion will typically include:

• A review of your existing machines and technology so we can determine how to formulate a plan that will work for you
• A customized cost analysis that’s based on the number of cash dispensers/recyclers in your branch
• A detailed ROI estimate—you might be surprised at how quickly core integration can pay for itself when it’s done the right way
• How to find out if your cash dispensers and recyclers are healthy and being properly used, which machines are performing the best and how to forecast future needs.
• If you don’t currently deploy recyclers or dispensers in your branch, we’ll help you figure out how many machines you’ll need to achieve maximum efficiency

To request a core integration strategy session, just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

CFM helps financial institutions transform the banking experience through core-integrated solutions. For more information, contact us here.