A 2019 Symitar Educational Conference (SEC) Recap

We are a week out from the end of the 2019 Symitar Educational Conference (SEC) and TechConnect. If you had the time to attend, you know what a great few days it was, full of educational seminars, new and exciting things on the tradeshow floor, lots of networking, and some really great parties. If you […]

Relive 5 of the Best Moments from SEC 2018

Whether you made it to SEC 2018 or happened to miss out on all the action along the sunlit San Diego waterfront, here’s a rundown of some of the top moments from this year’s memorable event.

Meet CFM at the 2017 Symitar Educational Conference!

We’ve heard that teleportation only exists in science fiction and that unicorns are said to be “uncatchable,” but nothing is impossible when it comes to CFM. This year, we’re bringing not one, but two of your favorite legendary creatures to this year’s Symitar Educational Conference…and giving you the chance to try the next best technology […]

Webinar Recap: The (Almost) Unfair Episys Advantage: How to Amplify your Branch Experience with the Transformation Ecosystem

What does Branch Transformation mean to you? (a) Delivering an engaging member experience (b) Enhanced member discovery of products and services (c) Enabling open branch designs and Universal Associates (d) Branch technology, all connected and integrated with your core (e) Migrating transactions to more efficient channels (f) A mix of any or all of the […]

5 Things You Missed at the 2016 Symitar Educational Conference

This year’s Symitar Educational Conference in San Diego, California was better and brighter than ever (and not just because of our limited-edition blinking sunglasses)!

SEC is one of CFM’s favorite conferences of the year—we get to share our core integration expertise while meeting a bunch of great folks that also get excited and even a little geeky about true core integration. If you weren’t able to make it to the conference this year, here are 5 things you missed, PLUS a special second chance opportunity to catch up on what you missed (read to the end to find out more)…