Cash Handling

Cracking the Vault on Cash in the Branch [Webinar]

Remember when the only way to receive cash was from a teller with your completed withdrawal slip? Fortunately to some (and unfortunately to others), the good old days of the traditional branch are gone. Branches have transformed – and these changes add complexity to the cash equation.

For most, effectively managing cash inventory can be a mystery. We’re partnering up with Logicpath in a webinar this Thursday, September 28 at 1:30 PM EDT – Cracking the Vault on Cash in the Branch – to discover the combination to successfully service your clients and optimize your cash inventory.

Still Using Expensive and Doomed to Fail Terminal Servers in Your Branch? There’s a Better Way.

Once upon a time, installing a terminal server in your branch was a necessity. It was the only way to connect your non-network enabled devices to your network. But thanks to advances in technology over the last decade, your branch has much better options for remotely connecting your equipment and the sad, but true fact is that terminal servers are now more of a liability than an asset.

Even with the knowledge that the use of a terminal server in your branch is a problem waiting to happen, you may be finding it difficult to justify the cost of making a switch. After all, if nothing appears to be broken, why spend any money to replace a terminal server right now…

CFM Expands Choices in Core-Integrated Cash Recyclers With the Certification of the CIMA 7016

As the core-integration experts known for our branch of the future enabling technology, CFM is always on the cutting-edge of new cash handling technology. Today, we’re announcing the certification of the CIMA 7016, the latest in cash recycling machines that’s designed to guarantee high performances in counters with large quantities of transactions…

It’s Stunning. It’s Powerful. It’s the New iQ

Starting now, there’s a whole new iQ at your fingertips.

What’s iQ? It’s CFM’s reporting and analytics suite, and it’s now bursting at the seams with new data, charts and tools that will help you optimize your fleet of cash recyclers and dispensers.

The latest iQ update is much, much more than just a background color change (can we say much again?). iQ has a gorgeous, new interface that’s been redesigned from the ground up to give you a better, faster and more intuitive experience…

5 Ways You’re Wasting Your Cash Recyclers and Dispensers

Cash Dispensers and Recyclers (CDRs) have the potential to be game-changers when it comes to improving the client experience, increasing efficiencies, and controlling and securing cash, so it’s no surprise that financial institutions are heavily invested in them. The problem is…

Want to Create a Better Client Experience? Integrate!

Your clients all want it. You want to provide it in the most exceptional way possible.

What’s this mythical element that everyone agrees they want in banking?

A WOW client experience.

You may already be aware that cash automation integration can greatly improve the experience for all of the staff in your branch—simplified balancing, increased staff productivity, cost savings and improved efficiency, to name just a few things core integration can do for you…

It’s a Jungle Out There! How to Navigate TCR Integration Workflows

Maneuvering through the twists and turns of TCR integration can be tricky, no matter how savvy you are with cash-handling equipment. All branches are unique and have different requirements, which can make the task of choosing an integration solution even more perplexing…