DBSI+CFM Offers More Choices in Cash Automation Hardware

Banking executives now have more choice in cash automation hardware, convenience in purchasing, deploying, and servicing cash recyclers through this unique hardware and software integration. DBSI+CFM, the core-integration experts known for their branch of the future enabling technology and ATEC America, a leader in Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) with 40,000 cash recyclers installed worldwide, announces today the […]

4 Reasons Banks and Credit Unions Are Adopting Self-Service Solutions

The retail banking industry is a whole different game than it used to be: deposits are on the decline, transaction costs are increasing, and client expectations are becoming more complex. Financial institutions are in need of a solution that provides customers with the personal touches they require for a positive experience without requiring a costly 1:1 […]

Scenes from SEC 2017! [Photo Gallery + Video]

If you joined us at SEC this year in San Diego, you already know you attended the unicorn of trade show experiences. CFM and DBSI’s purple booth lit up the room – and our real unicorns, virtual reality exhibit, and powerful solutions within our Transformation Ecosystem made the show bigger and brighter than ever before.

Meet CFM at the 2017 Symitar Educational Conference!

We’ve heard that teleportation only exists in science fiction and that unicorns are said to be “uncatchable,” but nothing is impossible when it comes to CFM. This year, we’re bringing not one, but two of your favorite legendary creatures to this year’s Symitar Educational Conference…and giving you the chance to try the next best technology […]

XP2 Client? This is The Integration You’ve Been Looking For!

If your credit union is running Fiserv’s XP2 teller application, you need to know about S4—a zero-footprint, enterprise-based core integration that’s now available for XP2 clients!

S4 truly transforms the branch experience for both your members and staff by building a bridge between the core processor and your cash-handling hardware at the enterprise level. It gives XP2 users a complete choice in hardware, full functionality and real-time integration at the core level.
Instead of piling on more technology to old configurations like some other integrations do, isn’t it time you deployed a complete solution…

The Secrets You Need To Know For Rocking Cash Recyclers And Dispensers In Your Branch

Are you interested in bringing cash automation to your branch but don’t know where to start?

Do you already have cash recyclers or dispensers, but want to improve your overall usage and client engagement?

You don’t have to wonder if you’re doing cash automation right—our latest webinar, Amazing Automation: All The Secrets You Need To Know For Rocking Cash Recyclers and Dispensers In Your Branch, is now available on demand…

A Case for Universal Associates: How Financial Institutions are Getting Ahead of the Game

In a world where foot traffic is declining, salaries are increasing and clients are demanding more bang for their buck, financial institutions are scrambling to find a model that allows their branches to not just survive, but thrive and grow.

One Financial Institution recently discovered that Universal Associates was their path to success. Now that their employees can fill multiple roles, their costs have significantly decreased, they have a huge advantage with flexibility of their staff, and they’ve experienced a big increase in client engagement…

A Look Back: CFM’s Success in 2016

2016 was an amazing year for CFM!

To celebrate our success, we’ve decided to share some of some of our best and biggest accomplishments from the last year. As the numbers show, a rapidly increasing number of clients trust us with their most important branch technology and we have continued to gain ground as the core integration experts…

Still Using Expensive and Doomed to Fail Terminal Servers in Your Branch? There’s a Better Way.

Once upon a time, installing a terminal server in your branch was a necessity. It was the only way to connect your non-network enabled devices to your network. But thanks to advances in technology over the last decade, your branch has much better options for remotely connecting your equipment and the sad, but true fact is that terminal servers are now more of a liability than an asset.

Even with the knowledge that the use of a terminal server in your branch is a problem waiting to happen, you may be finding it difficult to justify the cost of making a switch. After all, if nothing appears to be broken, why spend any money to replace a terminal server right now…

Already Have or Looking to Switch to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? Let’s Talk About Making it Work with Branch-Level Hardware!

If you take a peek behind the scenes of some of the top Financial Institutions, you’ll see an increase in the use of Virtual Desktop infrastructures (VDI) and thin client. Both solutions are quickly proving to be extremely beneficial in a branch environment, and for good reasons:

• VDI and thin client have proven to be more cost effective than fat client PCs in a branch environment

• They provide a significant increase in convenience and efficiency inside the branch, since staff can log on and off to any PC and no specific seats are required

• VDI helps maintain and increase security because all data and apps are located and managed from a single location

Not sure what a thin client or VDI actually is? Well then, let’s start with some easy-to-understand definitions…

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