This may be a once-in-a-century Pandemic but this time we have a million more ways to remember. COVID-19 consumer trends are not going anywhere for a long time, so banks and credit unions need to figure out which trends are here to stay and what the new normal will look like. Here are 3 trends that financial institutions should act on now and prepare for the new norm as cities and states open back up.

Designing your branch from scratch or tackling a complete overhaul doesn’t exist in a silo—and neither should your approach. DBSI + CFM is a multi-award-winning, all-inclusive solution to creating the banking environment you, your employees, and your clients dream of. Every facet of design, technology, peoples, and process is expertly handled by the DBSI + CFM crew of masters in the industry. We’re all banking all the time, a firm 100% committed to transforming the banking industries and environments using the latest designs and technology alongside proven best practices.

When you think about banking innovations, you might not immediately imagine the actual technology and design of a branch or headquarters. But you should. Banking innovations can and do exist in every part of the physical building as well as the more intangible aspects (like the technology you use). You might think a lot of branches (or even HQs) look and feel

96% of companies fail. And for those that don’t, only 25% ever get past $1mm in revenue.  CFM has gone above and beyond, beat the odds time and time again, and made the Inc. 5000 list for the second time! This is no small feat. Only 2% of Arizona companies made the list. Thanks to hard work from our dedicated employees, the vision of our leadership, loyal customers that we continue to delight we have done it again. 

Mergers and acquisitions are tricky business. While it’s an exciting time, the stakes are high… and so is the stress for a smooth transition. And as if the pressure of negotiations and legalese isn’t enough, you’ve got to figure out how you’re going to open once necessary approvals are finalized—with every location being completely re-merchandised to your brand. 

Originally published on ABA Bank Marketing. Financial Institutions have spent years opening up their branch, call center and office spaces with a focus on more collaborative interactions. What happens to this design principle in our post-COVID 19 world? We talked to three industry thought leaders about these questions.

We've been in this "new normal" for a while now which means there's data available on what people expect from retail establishments and what changes will produce the best return on investment for your branch network. With more and more states slowly opening up there's even data on what you can do to make your corporate campus more efficient and attractive to top talent. Why guess when you can know the right moves to make?
What Consumers Want

Consumer perception of what you’re doing in response to the pandemic is more important than you may think: In a study of 6000 consumers, 58% say how businesses have responded to COVID-19 has impacted their view of the brand. Meaning, if a brand have ignored COVID-19, didn’t do any changes to provide safety, didn’t shift their marketing messaging, etc. it negatively shaped how they view the brand. ​
Providing choice in how to

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