What makes a partnership with a design-build firm successful? With the opening of a fourth new branch in 2 years, DBSI and Vantage West have perfected a Relationship Banking branch formula that continues to deliver outstanding results. The success is not luck, but rather the output of a sound strategy developed upfront, a design focused on blending technology into the client experience, and staff training to engineer the experience for optimal client interactions.

As southern Arizona's largest credit union, Vantage West's latest 1,925-square foot branch opening continues a 10-branch expansion plan. Centered around a banking model commonly referred to as “relationship banking”, this design fosters a convenient and interactive experience that enables Relationship Bankers to provide virtually any service Members need. While the open floorplan encourages advisory interactions, the ability to process transactions from anywhere in the branch with RTA, a solution provided by DBSI's sister company CFM, is a huge advantage in making this

Have you heard of Nomadix, the Universal Associate Tablet Interface?
You've heard the term Universal Associate; or at least some version of it. Whatever you call them, they are cross-trained associates that remove the silos of your in-branch service experience by eliminating the role of teller and banker and combining them into one all-powerful associate. However, it isn't just as easy as giving your current staff a new title and sending them on their way to assist clients with transactions, account management, etc. You can provide these new associates with all the training in the world, but without the right tools to make their new job possible, they will not be able to deliver to your excellent standards.

(However, in all seriousness, training is one of the most important parts. It is a non-negotiable in our opinion. We just recommend that you complete the training after you give them the tools they

Welcome to 2021 and congratulations on making it through 2020... what a year, right? As we put the past behind us and move onto what's ahead of us, especially as we look at our business, we are confronted with a question. That question being "What should I bring with me into 2021 and what should I leave behind in 2020?"

This 2-part blog series will help to answer that question. This week we will focus on what to leave behind, and next, we will be discussing what to bring with you.

What a weird year it's been, right? A pandemic, murder hornets, an election, and a whole lot more that is hard to even remember. The way that we do business and the way we operate as humans have changed. But no matter how weird or different the times are, we couldn't just skip our annual Elf on the Shelf holiday greeting. A bit different than the years before, this episode has a 2020 twist to it (because 2020 has just been a ton of twists and turns after all). Watch the video below!

And happy holidays from the DBSI + CFM Team!

What do you get when you fuse design, technology, people and process together? An unforgettable client experience every single time someone enters your branch.
Can you believe that it has been almost a year since COVID-19 hit? It's been a crazy year, to say the least! But in this time apart, we've been incredibly busy innovating. That's why we wanted to take some time to reintroduce you to who we are, what we do, how we can help you, and most importantly... show off some of our newest products and services.

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