Once upon a time, installing a terminal server in your branch was a necessity. It was the only way to connect your non-network enabled devices to your network. But thanks to advances in technology over the last decade, your branch has much better options for remotely connecting your equipment and the sad, but true fact is that terminal servers are now more of a liability than an asset.

Even with the knowledge that the use of a terminal server in your branch is a problem waiting to happen, you may be finding it difficult to justify the cost of making a switch. After all, if nothing appears to be broken, why spend any money to replace a terminal server right now...

If you take a peek behind the scenes of some of the top Financial Institutions, you’ll see an increase in the use of Virtual Desktop infrastructures (VDI) and thin client. Both solutions are quickly proving to be extremely beneficial in a branch environment, and for good reasons:

• VDI and thin client have proven to be more cost effective than fat client PCs in a branch environment

• They provide a significant increase in convenience and efficiency inside the branch, since staff can log on and off to any PC and no specific seats are required

• VDI helps maintain and increase security because all data and apps are located and managed from a single location

Not sure what a thin client or VDI actually is? Well then, let’s start with some easy-to-understand definitions...

While you were out enjoying the holiday last week, CFM was putting the finishing touches on our latest work of magic. We're very happy to announce that S4, our flagship core integration solution, has been updated to version 9.0 and is available for installation.

For those not familiar with our innovative core integration software, S4 is our zero-footprint, enterprise-level solution that universally drives and manages all major cash automation machines. S4 gives you complete choice in hardware, full functionality and a real-time integration with your teller application and enables branch of the future technology like Universal Associates and open branch designs.

This update is more than skin-deep—Version 9.0 of S4 is chocked full of productivity and interface enhancements and includes a major interface redesign. Here's a list of the major changes...

As the core-integration experts known for our branch of the future enabling technology, CFM is always on the cutting-edge of new cash handling technology. Today, we're announcing the certification of the CIMA 7016, the latest in cash recycling machines that's designed to guarantee high performances in counters with large quantities of transactions...

Branch design strategy has shifted dramatically over the past decade and it now takes more than a coat of paint to satisfy the 21st-century client—your members and customers want fast and efficient transactions with personalized service and the latest technologies that make banking more convenient.

It's now up to Financial Institutions to design their future branches with those conveniences and technology if they want to be the ones that survive and thrive in 2017 (and beyond). The rest? Well, they'll get left behind...

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