Desert Financial FCU

A Complete Core Conversion with Integration


Project Type: Core Integration

Project Size: Network-Wide

# of Branches: 58

# of Machines: 96

The Story

Core conversion can be a monumental task for any financial institution, and with over 300,000 members and close to 50 locations, a complete core overhaul for Desert Financial was an undertaking of epic proportions. 

As the largest credit union in Arizona, Desert Financial had outgrown their previous core integration solution and needed to switch to another vendor that could better serve the needs of their staff and members. While they were a long-time CFM client, their previous core forced them to run their machines offline and they needed a new solution that would allow them to take advantage of the full functionality our integration provides.

By itself, converting cores is a difficult and complex process with a ridiculous number of moving parts, so having a trusted partner like CFM gave Desert Financial the confidence to relax and enjoy the ride when it came time for the big switch. We worked alongside Corelation, their new core provider, to integrate their 70+ machines as the conversion process took place and the results of the conversion exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.


CFM successfully integrated Desert Financial’s core with absolutely no problems and no downtime after the conversion took place. To the delight of everyone involved, our core integration solution was absolutely seamless and we were able to deliver a solution without a single hiccup. Not one.

Now that the core conversion and integration is complete, Desert Financial is thrilled to be at the forefront of in-branch automation—their members enjoy a much better experience and their processes are vastly more efficient. With a new core and CFM’s zero-footprint integration in place, opening up a new account takes their staff as little as 5 minutes, instead of the 45 minutes it took on their previous core. CFM’s enterprise-level integration gives Desert Financial the ability to choose from any hardware manufacturer in the future and better focus on their member touch points to create an exceptional experience.

How’s that for a textbook core conversion with a storybook ending?

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the success of the project. We’ve been waiting a long time for a team like CFM to come along and eliminate the rigid, inflexible technology of the past.”
Ron Amstutz, EVP

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