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Choice. Visibility. Integration.
Wells Fargo and CFM Take On Three Challenges with One Solution


The Challenges

Connect A Myriad of Makes and Models

Wells Fargo has a large fleet of cash recyclers and dispensers with many different models and manufacturers. They needed a true integration that would connect all of their machines to their teller system.

Allow Future Choice in Hardware

The integration needed to function flawlessly with any cash automation device on the market so Wells Fargo could purchase hardware from any manufacturer at any time in the future.

Gain Visibility Into Recyclers and Dispensers

Wells Fargo had no way to gather data on their machines. Were they being used effectively, when they were down and why? They needed a solution that would provide information on usability and device health for their fleet of machines.

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The Story

Wells Fargo needed an ingenious, yet simple solution that would give them a choice in cash dispensers and recyclers, real-time integration with their teller platform and visibility into the health of their cash recyclers and dispensers.

They called CFM, and we were up for the challenge.

The Result

Watch the video below to see what Jonathan Velline, EVP of Store Strategy for Wells Fargo, had to say about how CFM solved all of Wells Fargo’s challenges and gave them everything they needed to move forward with their branch of the future vision—Choice, Visibility and True Core Integration.

CFM X-Factor

  • The core integration experts at CFM were able to provide Wells Fargo with a simple process and one set of software that addressed all of their needs.
  • By creating a true choice in hardware and full visibility to the utilization and health of every piece of hardware connected to their system, CFM over delivered by providing much more than Wells Fargo was expecting.
  • By implementing CFM’s iQ, Well Fargo now has real data on its cash automation fleet to maximize use, uptime and service delivery based on actual needs.