The Challenges

Limited Infrastructure

TruWest was being held back from using new cash recycler technology because a legacy hardware integration only worked with cash dispenser machines.

Frustrated with Workstation Footprint

TruWest was tired of workstation-based, “client-side” software that’s difficult to maintain and support remotely.

No Access to Technology to Support Open Branch Design/Universal Tellers

With a beautiful, open-plan branch in the works, TruWest wanted to be able to incorporate new technology that allowed centralized use of cash automation equipment.

“Thank you for helping make our new location a success! Making CFM, XP2 & the recyclers all work together was a monumental accomplishment. You guys are awesome!”

Chris Kearney, Sr VP and CIO | TruWest CU

The Story

The folks at TruWest were excited. They had a beautiful, new branch in the works that was everything they hoped for to better serve their members. Everything seemed to be going along smoothly…until IT discovered its hardware legacy integration couldn’t support recyclers. In fact, it could only support dispensers—and a limited amount at that.

While working with DBSI, its Branch Transformation partner, TruWest discovered CFM and the possibility of building a custom integration with XP2 to integrate all cash automation technology into the core.

The Result

Through the flexible Apex interface provided by Fiserv, CFM was able to build an interface that gave TruWest the integration it needed, with a thinner footprint that eliminated workstation-based solutions, plus the ability for centralized use of cash automation equipment and analytics to run the machines smarter!

The analytics, called iQ, gives TruWest important to ensure that cash machines are in use and being used effectively. iQ also is the “eye in the sky” for TruWEst when it comes to hardware issues and maintenance. With iQ, TruWest is now proactively warned when service is needed, including preventative maintenance based on actual use.

With the CFM integration and RTA, TruWest even deployed a recycler in the lobby of the new branch for all platform associates to use. They love it! Associates can now sit with a member and help them with whatever they need. When it comes time to perform transactions involving cash, the associates simply queue it up at their workstations and enter a simple pin at the machine closest to them to process the transaction. No more machines being tied to the associates sitting next to it. Brilliant!

CFM X-Factor

  • Working together, TruWest and CFM built a custom interface through Apex that integrated all cash automation technology with XP2—old and new.
  • TruWest said goodbye to software installed on workstations, and hello to an enterprise integration with CFM’s NORM, a headless appliance tied directly to recyclers and dispensers.
  • Who says a recycler can’t be in the lobby of a branch? With RTA, TruWest associates can process transactions at their workstations, queue them up through CFM and complete them at a recycler in the lobby—freedom at last!