What’s Your Branch Kryptonite?

Every banking executive dreams of running a branch (or a few) that offers the ultimate client experience, runs at maximum efficiency, stands out from the competition and always provides a return on investment. These are also known as super branches.

Capable of saving the financial world, these super bank and credit union branches harness powers like:

Shape Shifting: Also known as Universal Banking, under this model universal associates have to power to ‘shape shift’ from transactional to advisory interactions.

Super Strength: With self-service and assisted-service solutions, clients have the power and ‘strength’ needed to complete transactions on their own or with minimal assistance.

Teleportation: Using the powers provided by tablet banking and cash flow automation,  associates are able to ‘teleport’ to any location in the branch where a client is in need of assistance.

But like everything super, there are also kryptonites ready to defeat your branch. These include:

Outdated, Confining Branch Designs

The modern customer feels most comfortable in open, retail-feeling environments, especially when it comes to a bank or credit union branch. Outdated, confining branch designs not only decreases the in-branch client experience, but also drives people out your door and toward other more-modern branches.

Heavy Legacy Technology & Lack Of Cash Automation

Clunky, non-integrated, un-automated technology is (not so slowly) killing your branch. The solutions: cash flow automation, core integration and the most modern of hardware. Except all of these are a lot harder than it seems, considering very few IT departments and development teams actually have the expertise needed.

An Outdated, Transactional Staffing Model

If your tellers are chained to teller lines and your staff are stuck inside of offices, resulting in one transaction per interaction, your client experience is suffering. When a client comes into a branch they have a list of things they need to accomplish, and if it takes a ton of different associates to check those things off then you can expect an unhappy client. The only solution: the universal associate model.

Static Signage & Bland Marketing Efforts

Your static signage is outdated, boring, and being thrown away. And not only is your static signage being ignored, but so are your products, services and promotions. Unlike printed signs, in-branch digital signage makes sure your clients actually stay up-to-date on your products, services and any promotions you may be running.

Interested in building a branch network capable of saving the financial world but not sure where to start? Don’t panic, we’re here to help! We’ve put together an infographic guide to all the superheroes you will need in order to build a league of extraordinary branches. Download it today for free by cliking here.

Or, take this short 10-question quiz to see what your branch’s kryptonite is and what you will need to overcome it: