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Where do our Big Ideas come from?  You!  Our Advisory Board is the guiding force behind our innovation roadmap and product development.

The CFM Advisory Board is a cross-functional group of banking executives ranging from branch management to senior management, who provide valuable insights into the issues, needs and barriers to success that financial institutions are facing to properly align CFM’s development efforts.

Born out of the idea that every CFM solution is a product of real questions, we’ve been asked by financial institutions, the Advisory Board is our formal group to drive our industry and company forward.

All of the meetings are held at one of the most innovative places in banking, The Ideation Center AKA “The Banker’s Playground. It’s here that we get to show all of our latest and greatest stuff—actually letting the Advisory Board see, feel and experience all of our innovations in person.

What are some of the questions we’ve solved?

  1. How can I allow my entire branch to leverage a Cash Recycler? Answer: RTA
  2. Can you tell me if my machines are plugged in and being used? Answer: iQ
  3. What happens when a backhoe cuts my T1 line and the branch network goes down?  How can my machines still run? Answer: NORM

When asked on a scale of 1-10, how each member would rate the Advisory Board meeting, all members unanimously gave the event a 10!

Interested in learning more? Want to join the Advisory Board? Have a problem you want us to solve? Contact us here to get the conversation started.

“CFM blows me away with the innovative products they develop for financial institutions.  On a scale of 1-10, I rate their Advisory Board a 12!”

Mason Glockner,
Director of IT
Pima FCU

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