A Case for Universal Associates: How Financial Institutions are Getting Ahead of the Game

A Case for Universal Associates: How Financial Institutions are Getting Ahead of the Game

In a world where foot traffic is declining, salaries are increasing and clients are demanding more bang for their buck, financial institutions are scrambling to find a model that allows their branches to not just survive, but thrive and grow.

One Financial Institution recently discovered that Universal Associates was their path to success. Now that their employees can fill multiple roles, their costs have significantly decreased, they have a huge advantage with flexibility of their staff, and they’ve experienced a big increase in client engagement.

Interesting in learning more about how they did it? We thought so.

As one of the fastest growing credit unions in Idaho, Pioneer Federal Credit Union has been servicing their 50,000+ members for over 60 years. With the upcoming build of their 14th branch, they wanted to create a truly unique experience that would deliver their core value of creating “WOW” through exceptional service.

They started their Universal Representative journey with the completion of a 5,600 square foot branch built with the latest in open-branch designs and traditional barriers removed. Pioneer FCU then turned to CFM to find a solution that would help them achieve 100% of their vision. They were already happily taking advantage of CFM’s S4 core integration for their cash recyclers, so adding RTA was a no-brainer.

RTA (Remote Transaction Assist) allowed Pioneer’s staff members to securely process transactions from anywhere in the branch—finally enabling their Universal Representative vision. The change to Universal Representatives ended up being such a huge success, that Pioneer FCU has implemented RTA and Universal Representatives in every one of their new, open-design branches.

Pioneer FCU is now providing a truly “Universal” experience—members of their staff have been trained to handle any transaction and anyone in the branch can assist a member without having to hand them off to another employee or make them wait for assistance. Read more about their journey here, and make sure to sign up for our upcoming webinar (see below), where you’ll learn even more secrets to making your branch grow.


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