A Smarter Way to Boost Your Branch iQ

A Smarter Way to Boost Your Branch iQ

One of CFM’s specialties is revolutionizing technology for the financial industry—we’ve got a proven track record with hundreds of financial institutions, great relationships with core providers and innovations that optimize the client experience and truly transform the branch. Our other specialty is procuring and consuming snacks, but we’ll save that story for another day.

We recently worked our CFM magic for Members First Credit Union, an 80-year-old Michigan credit union that was looking to update and expand their technology to make certain they were providing the positive “Members First” experience they pledge to their clients.

Already a CFM integration client, Members First needed a way to verify that their CDMs were healthy, operating and being used correctly.  Our iQ Reporting and Analytics Suite was the perfect solution—it gave them everything they needed to monitor, measure and make informed decisions using actual data. With iQ, Members First was able to capture the real-time analytics from their machines they needed, including:

• Detailed cash flow analytics
• Usage statistics—by day, by side and by denomination
• Preventative maintenance scheduled based on use
• Error tracking
• Proactive service requests based on reject rate, uptime and number of errors

So, how’d we do? Don’t take our word for it, see what Members First CU had to say about how CFM integration and iQ improved their operations and member experience:

“CFM has been a valuable tool for our credit union. This software has helped the teams to locate errors more quickly and has provided value for our compliance and internal audit team as well. We appreciate the partnership that we have with CFM. This platform has provided added value for our credit union in comparison to what we had in place prior to implementation.” — Amy Garver, Vice President Member Service, Members First Credit Union

But wait, there’s more!

“CFM is truly a valued business partner—not another technology vendor. The solutions are simple to use and incredibly secure; both in terms of IT support and front-line operations. Our previous solution for driving our fleet of CDMs was provided by our CORE. Since adopting CFM, our audit and operations teams have seen a noticeable decrease in errors, resulting in labor savings from auditing machines – putting our human capital to work where we need it, servicing our members.” — Jeremy Goldsworthy, Vice President of Information Technology, Members First Credit Union

CFM has the expertise, operations, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance resources to get it all done alongside your team—on time and on budget. We’re driving the future of banking by connecting cash automation hardware to the core, enabling Universal Associates, open branch designs, and self-service solutions and we offer a proven process for discovering and implementing your specific path.

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you optimize your cash automation by increasing visibility into your machines.

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