Know Before You Go: 6 Things To Make Your SEC 2018 Experience Epic

Know Before You Go: 6 Things To Make Your SEC 2018 Experience Epic

Headed to SEC 2018? If so, here are the top 6 things you need to know to make it an unbelievably epic event:

1. Follow the excitement to booth #620. 

Let’s be real: You probably won’t even need to remember the booth number because you won’t be able to miss us—or our digital signage that will be lighting up the exhibit hall like like Times Square on New Years Eve. You’ll find us at the intersection of Innovation and Awesome (and just steps away from food and the bar!).

Now if the booth seems a little too bright for your eyes, don’t worry, we got you! You’ll receive your own pair of state-of-the-art CFM sunglasses when you stop by. Wear these puppies all day and night (because, you know—the sun never sets when you’re cool!).

See you (in shades) at booth #620!

2 AND 3. Don’t miss two of SEC’s most transformative sessions.

The first can’t-miss session of SEC 2018 is on Tuesday morning at 10:30amTransformation Trends Every Financial Institution Needs to Stay Relevant. In this interactive session CFM’s CEO, John W. Smith, and CFM Integration Expert, Cody Willis, will break down today’s most important financial industry trends, but will provide pro-tips to help your credit union stay ahead of the game.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify the biggest needs credit unions are trying to solve for right now;
  • Align the market needs to today’s top banking trends; and
  • See what it looks like to successfully implement the right solutions.

It’s seriously a must-attend! Be sure to arrive a little early to get a good seat, as this session is bound to be a packed house.

The second session you’ll want to plan for is the Branch Transformation Credit Union Panel on Thursday at 1:30pm. This session is for all branch managers, operations, or C-level execs who are at least a little intrigued by the idea of branch transformation. (And if you attend the first CFM session on Tuesday, you’ll learn why that’s so important!)

In this panel discussion, Cody Willis will help facilitate a discussion with industry experts and credit union leaders about their experiences with branch transformation. Come listen as your peers share what goals they had in making changes, which updates their institutions made, and the effects these changes had on their organizations. You don’t want to miss the knowledge that will be dropped in this 1 hour discussion!

4. Test drive some freakin’ awesome (and award-winning) FinTech products.

When you step into our booth, you’ll immediately be transported into an immersive, 360-degree view of a remarkable client journey. Sure—we like tablecloths, flyers and pens as much as the next guy—but how could any of those really communicate how we create exceptional client experiences?

We’ve named this connection of core-integrated technology, software and innovation Transformation Fusion. Designed to deliver the attraction and retention results you’re looking for, this product suite elevates and enhances every part of the member experience—and you can see (and demo) them all for yourself at SEC 2018.

Put yourself in your members’ shoes and get interactive with our digital signage kiosks and tablets on our Discovery Bar. Take the car quiz or complete Financial Healthcheck for a fully immersive and highly educational experience.

More into tech? Check out RTA, a line-busting technology that enables open branch designs and Universal Associates (and recently voted Best New Fintech Product of the year). Or try out NEXT, a high-tech, high-touch self-service solution that gives your clients choice in the way they bank.

(And did we mention we have sunglasses?)

5. Get out and vote!

Not trying to get political here, but—Don’t forget to get out there and cast your vote for the King and Queen of The Flying Monkey Show (an SEC staple after-hours event). Just drop by booth #620 (that’s our booth, remember) (where the awesome tech is) (and the sunglasses), and vote at on our oversized interactive kiosk.

But wait, there’s more—The 2018 winners of King and Queen will receive a royal $500! That’s worth stopping by and taking 60 seconds to place your votes, right?

6. #GoBigfootOrGoHome

In our world, it seems everybody talks about branch transformation; but how many people have really seen it out in the wild?

(Remind you of anyone?)

So what is the actual difference between the enabling technology of branch transformation and the mysterious, rarely-photographed Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest?

Answer: The enabling technology definitely exists—and we have proof! But you can only find it with CFM’s Transformation Fusion. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself at booth #620!

Oh, and don’t forget to have your camera ready—you know, in case the big guy shows up (otherwise, no one will believe you)! And if you do spot a glimpse of the furry giant during SEC 2018, share this hashtag! → #GoBigfootOrGoHome

That’s it—the top 6 things you need to know to enjoy a successful SEC 2018. See you there!