5 Things You Missed at the 2016 Symitar Educational Conference

This year’s Symitar Educational Conference in San Diego, California was more exciting, bigger and brighter than ever (and not just because of our limited-edition blinking sunglasses)!

SEC is one of CFM’s favorite conferences of the year—we get to share our core integration expertise while meeting a bunch of great folks that get excited and even a little geeky about true core integration. If you weren’t able to make it to the conference this year, here are 5 things you missed, PLUS a special second chance opportunity to learn how self-service and Universal Associates are changing the banking world.


#5 Off-The-Charts Attendance Numbers

Both the conference and CFM saw a huge increase in attendance numbers this year. Throughout the show, our booth was jam packed full of attendees that wanted to learn more about NEXT, our new and innovative self-service solution. Those visiting our booth also found out what a true core integration can do to enable branch transformation initiatives.


#4 An Increase in Buzz about Branch Transformation

2017 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for Branch Transformation—almost everyone we spoke with was talking about upgrading or renewing something (if not everything) in their branch. We also noticed a significant increase in financial institutions that are in the process of, or planning on building a new branch. FIs are realizing that the “branch of the future” has become “the branch of the present” and it’s time to move forward or get left behind.


#3 The Flying Monkey Show was Off-The-Chain

CFM co-sponsored Stickley on Security’s Flying Monkey Show party for the second year in a row and we had a great time with over 900 guests. We rubbed elbows (and oversized clocks) with celebrities like Flavor Flav, R2D2 and the monkey from the hit TV show Friends while hanging out next to a perfect replica of the Mystery Machine Van. Don’t believe us? Well, here are some pictures of the event:


#2 Self-Service is More Important Than Ever

SEC was about all things self-service, mobile, home and in-branch channels. Executives are looking for ways to stay relevant with self-service technology to not only transform their member experience, but also lower branch transaction costs. We brought our sister company, DBSI with us this year to introduce a game-changing self-service solution. It’s called NEXT, and it’s THE all-in-one solution for self-service, assisted self-service and full service in the branch.



#1 CFM Rocked the House with our Presentation!

We started the conference off on a high note (and a standing-room-only ballroom!) with our presentation Rise of the Universal Associate and Self-Service Machines: SymXchange™ Integrations. Almost 200 attendees learned about the right way to implement self-service initiatives, the realities of Universal Associates, cash automation, and other integrations to create a better flow within your branch.

We’re very proud to say that it was the #1 presentation of the entire conference, other than the keynote. Why? Because executives are looking for a partner like us to help and guide their transformation goals. We answer the tough questions like:

What technology do we need?
How do we train universal staff?
How do we improve member flow?

Plus the hundreds of other questions we’ve already answered for FIs, including Navy Federal Credit Union, SchoolsFirst FCU and Wells Fargo.

Many of you missed our presentation due to space limitations, so we’re bringing it back as a webinar on Thursday, November 3rd! Sign up now here and secure your seat before it fills up—in less than an hour, you’ll get 3 takeaways that will ensure you’re using the right strategy and the right process to transform your branch.

Here’s a sneak peek:


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