cfm s4


Achieve true integration between your core processing system and your recyclers and dispensers with CFM S4.

CFMS4 is a zero-footprint solution that builds a bridge between the core processor and your cash-handling hardware at the enterprise level. CFMS4 universally drives and manages all major cash automation machines—giving you complete choice in hardware, full functionality and a real-time integration with your teller application.


  • True enterprise solution
  • Zero footprint on workstations—server based
  • Universal Driver—all major makes and models of dispensers and recyclers
  • Centralized, browser-based access for ALL configuration and administration
  • Real-time posting of transactions

What You Gain:

  • Your choice of hardware—all providers, present and future
  • Total integration to your core processor/teller application
  • Increased teller efficiency

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“Thank you for getting our CDR devices connected and licensing issues worked out. My boss called this the largest and most important project in our history and I appreciate the quick turn-around, the patient support and the overall great communication!”

Marc Cohen, Systems Administrator,
Northwest Federal Credit Union