We've been in this "new normal" for a while now which means there's data available on what people expect from retail establishments and what changes will produce the best return on investment for your branch network. With more and more states slowly opening up there's even data on what you can do to make your corporate campus more efficient and attractive to top talent. Why guess when you can know the right moves to make?
What Consumers Want

Consumer perception of what you’re doing in response to the pandemic is more important than you may think: In a study of 6000 consumers, 58% say how businesses have responded to COVID-19 has impacted their view of the brand. Meaning, if a brand have ignored COVID-19, didn’t do any changes to provide safety, didn’t shift their marketing messaging, etc. it negatively shaped how they view the brand. ​
Providing choice in how to

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln
As some of the world's greatest minds know, the strategy is everything. Taking the steps to prepare yourself and your financial institution for success is more important than the execution itself. Everything you do to transform should have a purpose and reason.

Creating a successful "branch of the future" can be a daunting challenge under the best of circumstances. Enter: COVID-19. Now, things are even harder. And with branch traffic down and the future being so uncertain, downsizing your branch network and decreasing your branch footprint is certainly on your mind.

Have you considered a micro branch?

As things start to shift back to 'normal', it will become a little easier to focus on the projects that matter most right now, like branch modifications to meet the new client expectation, technology that can eliminate multiple touch points, and adapting the headquarters for a safe and easy transition back for staff. Whatever your initiative, we wanted to help make it as easy as possible.

That's why we're rolling out this 4 week educational webinar series, each with a different panel of experts who will be focusing on the adaptations you need to make for today’s unique situation and tomorrow’s new economy. And the best part? You will be able to submit your own question(s) at registration for the experts to answer during their live panel discussion!

CFM+DBSI, the leader in banking transformation, announced today the launch of an expert-crafted methodology and flexible kit of parts for post-pandemic branch and HQ designs called ADAPTIV. During these unprecedented times, banks and credit unions are working endlessly to stay open as an essential business, while still providing a safe and optimized environment for both clients and staff. ADAPTIV addresses the most immediate and long-term needs through a comprehensive approach.

As this pandemic continues, so does our efforts to help you. We’ve simply adapted to the way we work. Much like your own efforts, maintaining the health of our staff and those whom we do business remains our top priority. Thankfully, no one at DBSI or CFM has tested positive for COVID-19, and we continue to review our operations daily to ensure we can continue to work together safely.

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