Author: Ashley Incardone

What’s Your Branch Kryptonite?

Every banking executive dreams of running a branch (or a few) that offers the ultimate client experience, runs at maximum efficiency, stands out from the competition and always provides a return on investment. These are also known as super branches.

4 Reasons Banks and Credit Unions Are Adopting Self-Service Solutions

The retail banking industry is a whole different game than it used to be: deposits are on the decline, transaction costs are increasing, and client expectations are becoming more complex. Financial institutions are in need of a solution that provides customers with the personal touches they require for a positive experience without requiring a costly 1:1 […]

April Fools at CFM: Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Like everything else we do, you can expect today to be taken to the extreme. So if you plan on stopping by the CFM office today, we reccomend that you keep your eyes peeled, stay on your toes, and whatever you do… don’t let your guard down.

Spring Cleaning: 4 Quick Fixes for a Better Branch Experience

Spring is in the air and your branch could use a refresh. As the bad weather clears tons of people are clamoring to get into your branches, right? Well if you are fearing that you may not experience an influx in patrons, there are some changes you are probably wanting to make. Did you know […]

Welcome To The Banker’s Digital Arcade

Welcome to the one-and-only Banker’s Digital Arcade.  Exclusive to financial institutions looking to level up their in-branch signage, these games invite bankers to explore methods guaranteed to bring their branch to the top of the leaderboard.   Follow the slides below to ‘play’ the games: 

Customer Alert: Ready, Set, S4 Upgrade

Good news, we’ve been busy making our products even better, and that includes making some awesome new updates to S4.  One thing we need from you: if you’re currently using S4, yours is now outdated, so in order to ensure that your financial institution is getting the most out of your CFM services, we are […]

The One Thing Every Branch has in Common & Why It’s Not Working

If you are operating under the Universal Associate (UA) or Universal Banker Model chances are you have a few associates who know how to do more transactions than the average teller. Great. Now, if you’ve checked universal banker off of your to-do list, you are missing out on a giant heap of ROI from your […]

How to Avoid HQ Launch Failure

Picture this: you have been working with a design firm for months on your dream headquarters project. They have designed an office space that is ready to fulfill your current and future needs based on your predictions. And it’s beautiful. Your brand is clearly defined and carried out through the design, there are plenty of […]

Why Financial Institutions Are Responsible For Millennial’s Financial Health

Millennials are taking the workforce by storm, and their buying power is hard to rival. This generation has flipped just about every industry on its head, and financial institutions can’t hide from them any longer. Especially with the transfer of wealth happening right before our eyes. So, how do you engage with this mysterious group? […]

When DBSI Met CFM: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Purple Army. CFM and DBSI are an iconic duo worthy of the history books, just like like Harry and Sally. That’s why we channeled all the 80’s greatness from the film, ‘When Harry Met Sally’, to create our own rad version of the love story. Tune in now!

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